Author: Nicola McCully

Oil and Gas

What is the role of an oil and gas company today and are these companies still an investable proposition for a long-term, responsible investor?


Nuclear is another area of the energy debate that starkly divides opinion, its advantages understandably obscured by tragic incidents. Yet it remains an important part of the global energy supply today.


Methane is well known for its warming effects but could the natural gas helpfully act as a bridge fuel in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables?

Carbon Conclusions

Climate and carbon are themes set to define the investment landscape for generations to come. As long-term investors, how do we ensure that portfolios are best positioned to benefit in this lower-carbon world?

Renewables and electrification

After more than a century of dependence on fossil fuels, there are now numerous alternatives that can not only provide the energy required to meet global demand but also reduce carbon emissions. With no quick fix or one-size-fits all approach, how do we get there?