The imagery used throughout this website belongs to our collection and was reproduced with kind permission from the following artists:

Kimberley Bartsch, Untitled 1
© Kimberly Bartsch
Damian Callan, Water’s Edge
© Damian Callan
Diane S Dawson, Nope, No Way
© Diane S Dawson
Diane S Dawson, The Gatecrasher
© Diane S Dawson
Diane S Dawson, The Lovliest Night Of The Year
© Diane S Dawson
Rowena Comrie, Calling Federigo
© Calling Federigo, Rowena Comrie
Paul Donaldson, Summer Sky Over The Sea
© Paul Donaldson
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PaulDonaldson_DarkSkyFifeFromGranton_small.jpg
Paul Donaldson, Dark Sky – Fife from Granton
© Paul Donaldson
Jim Dunbar, Dunyvaig Castle, Lagavulin Bay, Islay
© Jim Dunbar
Claire Harkess, Sacred Cow
© Claire Harkess
Simon Laurie, Altar No2
© Simon Laurie
Simon Laurie, Harbour, Collioure
© Simon Laurie
Simon Laurie, Wine and Fruit
© Simon Laurie
Brenda Lenaghan, Figures and Parasols
© Brenda Lenaghan
Robert McAulay, Estate I
© Robert McAulay
Robert McAulay, Estate II
© Robert McAulay
James McDonald, Piece ‘N’ Jam
© James McDonald RSW
Barry McGlashan, The Old Gods (i)
© Barry McGlashan
Phil McLoughlin, Existentialists Don’t Rub Out
© Phil McLoughlin
Louis McNally, Woods
© Louis McNally, Woods
Brent Millar, Keep Athens in Mind
© Keep Athens in Mind
Gordon Mitchell, Air Mail
© Gordon Mitchell
Gordon Mitchell, Cock a Hoop
© Gordon Mitchell
Donald Provan, Not Taking the Bait
© Donald N. Provan
David Schofield, Every Day Is Like Sunday
© David Schofield
David Schofield, The Beach
© David Schofield
David Schofield, West Coast Winter
© David Schofield
Glen Scouller, Mid-day Shadows, La Basse Gaude
© Glen Scouller
Glen Scouller, Sand And Seaweed, Colonsay
© Glen Scouller
Frank To, The Backshift
© Frank To
Ethel Walker, Pale Gold, Craignish
© Ethel Walker
Graeme Wilcox, Dialogue (Rehearsal)
© Graeme Wilcox
Gordon Wilson, First Mates
© Gordon Wilson Art Ltd