What We Do

We identify and invest in world-leading companies with strong balance sheets, high rates of internal wealth generation and the ability to grow earnings over the long term.

Environmental, social and governance issues have been integral to our company research since the firm’s establishment in 1983. Every member of the team is responsible for embracing these crucial, fundamental attributes.

The defining characteristics of how we invest are our in-house research, a global perspective, a long-term investment horizon and team-based decision-making.

Our exploration of the investment world seeks out companies with certain qualitative and quantitative characteristics. We rigorously interrogate each company before making informed, considered decisions.


We analyse companies from all over the world which meet our stringent investment criteria and standards, regardless of their geography, industry or market capitalisation.


Each investment candidate undergoes rigorous financial investigation and the qualitative ‘Seven Sisters’ analysis. We regularly engage with company management teams, either at home in Charlotte Square or on research trips around the world.


All recommendations need to withstand the scrutiny of the whole team. This means that each idea is subject to intense, forensic examination. We discuss with spirit so that we can make high conviction decisions.

Giving Group

Our Giving Group was established to formalise our charitable and philanthropic grants.

Edinburgh is our home and so, to give back to the city in which we live and work, the group’s focus is on small, local projects where we can make a meaningful impact. Over the years we have forged a number of long-term relationships with charities, supplemented by one-off donations.

For further information on the Giving Group, please email [email protected]

Scottish Art

We have been supporting emerging Scottish talent for many years.

Our commitment to the local art community is reflected in our established partnerships with — and sponsorship of prizes at — the New Contemporaries, the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Glasgow Institute of The Fine Arts and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

The imagery used throughout this website belongs to our collection. Please see the artist references page for more information.