Global / International

Since the firm was founded in 1983, we have viewed the world as a single universe of opportunities. Hence our Global and International strategies are at the heart of what we do.

Global Equity Factsheet (USD)

Global Equity Factsheet (CAD)

International Equity Factsheet (USD)

International Equity Factsheet (CAD)

Concentrated Global

The strategy’s distinction lies in its focus on investing in a high-conviction global portfolio of 20-30 companies. These companies are selected from Walter Scott’s existing investment universe and offer a compelling combination of growth and competitive advantage with due respect to valuation and liquidity.

Concentrated Global Equity Factsheet (USD)

Concentrated Global Equity Factsheet (CAD)

Concentrated Global Equity Factsheet (AUD)

Emerging Markets

As a growth investor with a global perspective, emerging markets have always provided attractive investment opportunities. We have managed dedicated Emerging Markets portfolios since 1997.

Emerging Markets Equity Factsheet (USD)

Emerging Markets Equity Factsheet (CAD)



Over the firm’s history, we have developed a number of regional mandates that are resolutely focused on our consistently applied investment approach with a specific geographical focus.

European Equity Factsheet (EUR)

Kokusai Equity Factsheet (JPY)

Pacific Equity Factsheet (USD)

US Equity Factsheet (USD)

More information

Our strategies can also be accessed through several sub-advisory partners in the US, Canada, Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia. If you would like to find out more about how to invest with us, either directly or via one of our partners, please get in touch.

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