Living the dream

The urgent need to address climate change tends to inspire fear, even panic. Dr Gabrielle Walker, a recognised expert on the topic, argues that a more positive approach is required.

9 minute read

Looking back to look forward

Walter Scott’s Non-Executive Director Alex Hammond-Chambers has worked in the investment industry since the 1960s. He shares some of the insights he has acquired during more than half a century of asset management in both the UK and the US.

11 minute read

Banking Blues

The banking sector might be a vital cog in the functioning of an economy but we prefer to look elsewhere for sustainable long-term returns.

8 minute read

A Joker in the Pack

Market cycles have been a feature of economic life for centuries; why so many practitioners think it could be different this time.

7 minute read

Keeping It Lean

Lean manufacturing traces its roots back to the early 20th century. But its principles, developed and honed in Japan, remain as relevant today.

8 minute read

Opening Minds to Diversity of Thought

Diversity comes in many forms. One of the most influential is cognitive diversity, which ensures that teams include individuals with different views.

7 minute read

A Healthy Balance

The rising demand for healthcare creates new pressures for the industry, forcing companies to balance profitability, productivity, the patient and public service.

10 minute read

Upbeat in America’s Industrial Heartland

US manufacturing is often the focus of cataclysmic forecasts. Investment Managers Jamie Zegleman and Paul Loudon travelled to the US Midwest to judge for themselves.

9 minute read

Back to the future

AI is everywhere. Whilst there is no doubt as to the importance and almost unimaginable potential of these technologies, separating hype from reality is still necessary.

7 minute read