Neither a borrower nor a lender be

In this extract from our February monthly commentary, we discuss how the consequences of the decades-long expansion of the global debt mountain may yet attract greater investor attention, as well as the importance of a focus on financial strength at the end of an era of ultra-cheap money.

9 minute read

One Year On

Just over one year on, we look at how global companies have navigated the challenges of the Ukraine war.

10 minute read

Japan – Opportunities Amidst Uncertainty

While Japan might be set to break free from its deflationary shackles, our positive view on a variety of leading Japanese companies derives more from our bottom-up fundamental analysis than from hopes about the country’s economic transformation.

5 minute read

“Ganbatte Kudasai!”

Despite the various economic and demographic challenges the country faces, Japan remains home to many market-leading companies.

13 minute read

Post-pandemic risks to equity returns

The Covid-19 pandemic may bring about changes in economic and social behaviour. But what of the long-term risks it presents to equities?

11 minute read