Trusting in the Costco way

Board independence is typically central to good governance. But sometimes, levels of independence may not align optically with acknowledged best practice for very good reasons. One such example is Costco, where we believe the current board of directors is an important ingredient in the company’s ‘secret sauce’.

8 minute read

How to get from A to B in a Global Energy Transition

The complexity of the global energy transition is a significant long-term challenge for investors. At Walter Scott’s recent Research Conference, two guest speakers took a closer look at the reality of the transition and some of the many associated risks and opportunities.

7 minute read

Sustainability – evolution not revolution

With sustainability the focus of increasingly heated and polarised discourse, we thought it timely to revisit our approach to the subject. Not with a view to taking sides in this debate, but rather to reiterate the fundamentals of our approach and articulate its philosophical underpinnings. In other words, how we do sustainability and why.

11 minute read

Discipline amidst uncertainty

The return of volatility to markets in September served as a timely reminder of the benefits of a long-term approach.

10 minute read

Unwavering in time of crisis

As the outbreak of Covid-19 re-set the direction of markets during the first quarter, companies’ balance sheets were under the spotlight.

9 minute read

A focus on fundamentals, not market fads

As we enter the 2020s, it seems pertinent to look back at the first decades of this millennium. Markets may have changed over that time but our investment process has not.

11 minute read