Synthetic Biology – Long-term Opportunities in the Bioeconomy

The ground-breaking technology of synthetic biology is set to transform large swathes of the global economy, creating opportunities as well as risks across multiple sectors and industries. As this scientific revolution gathers momentum, many companies will be disrupted, whilst others will thrive.

An introduction to Synthetic Biology

From cancer therapy to pineapple leather alternatives, synthetic biology is evolving at an extraordinary pace. In this podcast, investment manager Tom Miedema previews findings from his upcoming white paper on the topic.

18 minute listen

In Conversation with Alan Lander & Tom Miedema

Following the publication of a series of articles and videos around the topic of decarbonisation earlier this year, the project’s chief architects address client questions, particularly around the viability of energy stocks as long-term investments and how we incorporate climate considerations within our analysis.

13 minute watch

The Journal 12

The 12th edition of our Research Journal covers a range of subjects from virtual research trips, to innovation in the aviation sector, to risk management.

The Journal 11

The 11th edition of our Research Journal covers a range of subjects from net zero targets, to subscription-based business models to the role of auditors.

120 minute read

The Journal 10

The 10th edition of our Journal was finished at the beginning of March, before the working lives of so many of us changed so dramatically. However, the themes explored in this edition remain relevant.

120 minute read