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An introduction to Synthetic Biology

Podcast, Thought Leadership

From cancer therapy to pineapple leather alternatives, synthetic biology is evolving at an extraordinary pace. Whilst our research focus is resolutely on companies, themes can emerge that merit in-depth analysis. In this podcast, investment manager Tom Miedema previews findings from his upcoming white paper on the topic, summarising what is meant by the term “synthetic biology”, exploring the far-reaching consequences for businesses, and the opportunities and risks it presents for investors.

Important Information
This podcast and transcript are provided for general information only and should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation. This information does not represent and must not be construed as an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities, commodities and/or any other financial instruments or products. This podcast and document may not be used for the purpose of an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction or in any circumstances in which such an offer or solicitation is unlawful or not authorised.

Stock Examples
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Tom Miedema
Investment Manager
Katie Boyce
Investment Writer


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