Our Insights section curates articles by our Research team with additional contributions from industry experts, academics and authors.

The Risk Calculators

Three members of our Research team tell us about their approach to investment risk and exposure; how disclosure is getting more important; and why data might not be all it is cracked up to be.

13 minute read

In Conversation with Alan Lander & Tom Miedema

Following the publication of a series of articles and videos around the topic of decarbonisation earlier this year, the project’s chief architects address client questions, particularly around the viability of energy stocks as long-term investments and how we incorporate climate considerations within our analysis.

13 minute watch

The Journal 12

The 12th edition of our Research Journal covers a range of subjects from virtual research trips, to innovation in the aviation sector, to risk management.

“We’re fiddling while the forests burn”

Focusing on rising temperature while ignoring our emptying natural habitats makes no sense. An approach that takes the hand of nature while forcing climate change to slow down is the best way forward, says Oliver Balch.

15 minute read

Banking Blues II

Banking sector share prices have witnessed a rebound since the latter part of last year, but we still prefer to look elsewhere for sustainable long-term returns.

11 minute read