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The Genesis Machine

Many have declared that molecules are the new microchip. But what does that mean and can synthetic biology address issues from climate change to chronic disease and food scarcity? At our Research Conference, Andrew Hessel helped us understand the potential as well as the risks that might come from developments in this field.

6 minute read

Digging Deeper – Understanding Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk has become a household name thanks to Wegovy and Ozempic. What are the risks that stem from that attention, and just how significant is the long-term opportunity? In the first of a series of Digging Deeper conversations, Investment Manager Lindsay Scott shares her thoughts on the obesity and diabetes markets.

22 minute watch

From Industrial Action to Industry Leaders: On the Road in France

In April, LVMH became the first European company to surpass a market capitalisation of US$500 billion. But LVMH isn’t the only global leading company in France. In late May, members of our Research team headed to the country to meet some of those leaders and to take the temperature on the corporate mood.

8 minute read

Talking Research Podcast Q3 2023

In our latest quarterly podcast investment managers Paul Loudon and Lindsay Scott discuss the ground-breaking and often controversial obesity drugs that have been developed by Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly. They also consider current goings-on in China and share insights from recent research debates.

19 minute listen


A little-know company in the Netherlands has emerged as a vital linchpin in the semiconductor industry.

6 minute read

Navigating the transition

Energy economist and historian, Peter Tertzakian summarises his thoughts on investing in energy today. The outlook is undoubtedly uncertain but sharing lessons from history and appreciation of the risks, Peter shared his optimism around the change to come, and the investment opportunities.

5 minute watch


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