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Amadeus IT

Connecting airlines, travel agencies and hotels, Amadeus IT is a key enabler of the global travel and tourism industry, one of today’s most compelling long-term growth stories.

7 minute read

Digging Deeper – Understanding Wolters Kluwer

In our second Digging Deeper conversation, Investment Manager Paul Loudon shares his thoughts on Wolters Kluwer; a company that has navigated profound changes in the publishing market, moving from print to digital and now harnessing the power of generative AI.

19 minute watch


From a shell and a blade of grass, to cutting-edge hearing implants. For more than four decades, Cochlear has been a pioneer in the treatment of hearing loss, a condition estimated to cost the global economy almost US$1 trillion every year.

6 minute read

Trusting in the Costco way

Board independence is typically central to good governance. But sometimes, levels of independence may not align optically with acknowledged best practice for very good reasons. One such example is Costco, where we believe the current board of directors is an important ingredient in the company’s ‘secret sauce’.

8 minute read

Wolters Kluwer

Dutch company Wolters Kluwer, founded in 1836, serves as a reminder that disrupters come in all ages. Whilst the focus is often on new disrupters, companies with long and successful track records will have adapted to change, pivoted strategically and utilised disruptive ideas. Despite profound marketplace changes, Wolters Kluwer remains a reliable and trusted provider of valuable information through their software and services.

10 minute read

Nippon Olé: On the Road in Japan

At the tail end of a strong year for Japanese equities, Executive Director Charlie Macquaker, and Investment Analyst Connor Graham visited Japan, gauging the economic tempo of the country and meeting with a variety of companies. In this article, they discuss what there is to shout about.

9 minute read


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