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Looking back to look forward

Walter Scott’s Non-Executive Director Alex Hammond-Chambers has worked in the investment industry since the 1960s. He shares some of the insights he has acquired during more than half a century of asset management in both the UK and the US.

11 minute read

Banking Blues

The banking sector might be a vital cog in the functioning of an economy but we prefer to look elsewhere for sustainable long-term returns.

8 minute read

Latin America: Too Important to Ignore

Investment Manager Fraser Fox travelled to Latin America to take the economic and political pulse of this often volatile but always fascinating region.

12 minute read

A Joker in the Pack

Market cycles have been a feature of economic life for centuries; why so many practitioners think it could be different this time.

7 minute read

Keeping It Lean

Lean manufacturing traces its roots back to the early 20th century. But its principles, developed and honed in Japan, remain as relevant today.

8 minute read

Opening Minds to Diversity of Thought

Diversity comes in many forms. One of the most influential is cognitive diversity, which ensures that teams include individuals with different views.

7 minute read