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Nippon Olé: On the Road in Japan

At the tail end of a strong year for Japanese equities, Executive Director Charlie Macquaker, and Investment Analyst Connor Graham visited Japan, gauging the economic tempo of the country and meeting with a variety of companies. In this article, they discuss what there is to shout about.

9 minute read

Market Insight – No more free lunch

With the era of cheap money now firmly in the rear view mirror, Roy Leckie, Executive Director, delves into the implications of today’s higher interest rate environment and the benefits to companies of adopting a conservative approach to debt financing.

5 minute read

Talking Research Podcast Q4 2023

In this podcast, directors Charlie Macquaker and Roy Leckie discuss the remarkable performance of equity markets in 2023. They also reflect on some of the year’s research trips and ask if the outperformance of the Magnificent Seven has been justified by fundamentals, and if it can continue.

16 minute listen

Lap of Luxury

After a period of extraordinary growth, the luxury sector is showing signs of slowing. An inevitable normalisation or evidence of something more fundamental? Lindsay Scott considers the long-term outlook for the industry and some of its most illustrious exponents.

10 minute read

Talking Research Podcast – On the Road in Asia

This podcast features several Research team members who’ve recently returned from trips to Asia. During discussions with companies across mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, they garnered plenty of valuable first-hand insights, suggesting that China Plus One is a lot more complicated than such a simplistic phrase would suggest.

25 minute listen

Confounding the Critics: On the Road in Italy

In late September investment managers, Lindsay Scott and Jamie Zegleman travelled to Italy to meet with companies across healthcare, industrial, technology and luxury sectors. So often dismissed, economically and financially, this trip was a valuable reminder of a different view, one of corporate success and innovation.

14 minute read


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