Our Insights section curates articles by our Research team with additional contributions from industry experts, academics and authors.

Old Dominion Freight Line

In the age of next-day delivery, the demands on freight carriers have never been higher. Thanks to a nine-decade focus on operational excellence, however, Old Dominion Freight Line is one step ahead of the competition.

6 minute read

Views from the South

Against the backdrop of continuing rising interest rates, banking turmoil that risked contagion and ongoing geopolitical wrangling with China, our trip to the US in late March was certainly a timely one.

8 minute read


Former Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi joined us at our recent Research Conference in Edinburgh to share his thoughts on the outlook for Europe. Stressing the need for long-term thinking, he shared reasons for optimism, a view perhaps best summarised in his words, “I am more worried about natural stupidity than artificial intelligence”.

4 minute watch

India Rising

India is projected to be the world’s fastest growing economy this year and next. Investment manager Alan Lander and investment analyst Connor Graham recently spent two weeks in the country, speaking to management teams and taking the pulse of Asia’s “other superpower”.

Talking Research podcast Q1 2023

Travelling around the world to meet companies is an intrinsic part of the Research team’s job. After the hiatus of the pandemic, it has very much been business as usual so far this year, with ten different trips taking place in the first quarter, including to India, Germany, Spain and the US.

18 minute listen

Synthetic Biology – Long-term Opportunities in the Bioeconomy

The ground-breaking technology of synthetic biology is set to transform large swathes of the global economy, creating opportunities as well as risks across multiple sectors and industries. As this scientific revolution gathers momentum, many companies will be disrupted, whilst others will thrive.



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