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An introduction to Synthetic Biology

From cancer therapy to pineapple leather alternatives, synthetic biology is evolving at an extraordinary pace. In this podcast, investment manager Tom Miedema previews findings from his upcoming white paper on the topic.

18 minute listen


Iconic, ultra-exclusive, and steeped in history, Ferrari inspires an affinity bordering on devotion. Investment manager Alan Lander looks at what sets the Prancing Horse apart from rivals.

6 minute read


How did Costco become the third largest retailer in the US without spending a dollar on advertising? Investment manager Matthew Gerlach looks at the secrets behind an enduring success story. 

6 minute read

Microsoft vs Google and the Future of Search

Microsoft’s announcement of an AI-powered search engine and browser has raised questions for Google and its dominance of search. Despite these developments, we believe Google is more than well-equipped to fend off Microsoft’s challenge. 

12 minute read

Industrial-Strength Culture in the Midwest

The Midwest has long been synonymous with industrial manufacturing. On a recent two-week trip to “America’s heartland”, visiting 20 companies, investment managers Laura Clark and Lindsay Scott were struck by the strong and unique sense of culture at various headquarters, factories and facilities.

3 minute watch

Japan – Opportunities Amidst Uncertainty

While Japan might be set to break free from its deflationary shackles, our positive view on a variety of leading Japanese companies derives more from our bottom-up fundamental analysis than from hopes about the country’s economic transformation.

5 minute read


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