Talking Research Podcast – On the Road in Taiwan and China

In our latest podcast, investment managers Des Armstrong and Tom Miedema discuss their recent research trip to China and Taiwan. With ongoing headlines around geopolitical tensions and the end of China’s strict zero-Covid policy, it was a particularly timely visit.

21 minute listen

Views from the South

Against the backdrop of continuing rising interest rates, banking turmoil that risked contagion and ongoing geopolitical wrangling with China, our trip to the US in late March was certainly a timely one.

8 minute read

India Rising

India is projected to be the world’s fastest growing economy this year and next. Investment manager Alan Lander and investment analyst Connor Graham recently spent two weeks in the country, speaking to management teams and taking the pulse of Asia’s “other superpower”.

The Ubiquitous Chip

The semiconductor chip is a vital component of our everyday lives. Investment managers Tom Miedema and Matthew Gerlach spent eleven days in the US examining some of the developments in the industry from a US perspective.

12 minute read

Industrial-Strength Culture in the Midwest

The Midwest has long been synonymous with industrial manufacturing. On a recent two-week trip to “America’s heartland”, visiting 20 companies, investment managers Laura Clark and Lindsay Scott were struck by the strong and unique sense of culture at various headquarters, factories and facilities.

3 minute watch

On the Road in Spain – Nestlé Investor Seminar

In late 2022, Investment Manager Paul Loudon spent two days with Nestlé understanding its future growth plans as well as the more immediate steps being taken to maintain its leadership in still challenging economic conditions.

8 minute read

The Nordics – Return To the Unicorn Factory

Investment managers Alex Torrens and Ashley-Jane Kyle spent nine days in the Nordics region, which has long proved a fertile hunting ground for our Research team.

11 minute read

On the Road – Tech Tantrums

Investment managers Tom Miedema and Alistair Ceurvorst travelled to Belgium to attend one of the technology sector’s major conferences. They came back reassured by some of the trends that are continuing to create great growth opportunities for many leading technology companies.

4 minute watch

Standards at the end of the supply chain

Investment Managers Alan Lander and Des Armstrong travelled to Vietnam and Bangladesh to revisit apparel and footwear factories in South-East Asia.

12 minute watch