Nippon Olé: On the Road in Japan

At the tail end of a strong year for Japanese equities, Executive Director Charlie Macquaker, and Investment Analyst Connor Graham visited Japan, gauging the economic tempo of the country and meeting with a variety of companies. In this article, they discuss what there is to shout about.

9 minute read

Talking Research Podcast – On the Road in Asia

This podcast features several Research team members who’ve recently returned from trips to Asia. During discussions with companies across mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, they garnered plenty of valuable first-hand insights, suggesting that China Plus One is a lot more complicated than such a simplistic phrase would suggest.

25 minute listen

Confounding the Critics: On the Road in Italy

In late September investment managers, Lindsay Scott and Jamie Zegleman travelled to Italy to meet with companies across healthcare, industrial, technology and luxury sectors. So often dismissed, economically and financially, this trip was a valuable reminder of a different view, one of corporate success and innovation.

14 minute read

Not Fragile After all These Years: On the Road in Indonesia

Ten years on from the turmoil of the taper tantrum, Indonesia is enjoying a period of sustained growth and stability. Fraser Fox and Michael Scott travelled to the country to dig a little deeper into this Asian success story.

6 minute read

Hold the Obituary: On the Road in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has endured a turbulent few years, prompting some commentators to suggest the Fragrant Harbour is in long-term decline. During his recent research trip to the city, however, investment manager Alan Lander heard a very different story.

6 minute read

From Industrial Action to Industry Leaders: On the Road in France

In April, LVMH became the first European company to surpass a market capitalisation of US$500 billion. But LVMH isn’t the only global leading company in France. In late May, members of our Research team headed to the country to meet some of those leaders and to take the temperature on the corporate mood.

8 minute read

Talking Research Podcast – On the Road in Taiwan and China

In our latest podcast, investment managers Des Armstrong and Tom Miedema discuss their recent research trip to China and Taiwan. With ongoing headlines around geopolitical tensions and the end of China’s strict zero-Covid policy, it was a particularly timely visit.

21 minute listen

Views from the South

Against the backdrop of continuing rising interest rates, banking turmoil that risked contagion and ongoing geopolitical wrangling with China, our trip to the US in late March was certainly a timely one.

8 minute read

India Rising

India is projected to be the world’s fastest growing economy this year and next. Investment manager Alan Lander and investment analyst Connor Graham recently spent two weeks in the country, speaking to management teams and taking the pulse of Asia’s “other superpower”.

The Ubiquitous Chip

The semiconductor chip is a vital component of our everyday lives. Investment managers Tom Miedema and Matthew Gerlach spent eleven days in the US examining some of the developments in the industry from a US perspective.

12 minute read