The Genesis Machine

Many have declared that molecules are the new microchip. But what does that mean and can synthetic biology address issues from climate change to chronic disease and food scarcity? At our Research Conference, Andrew Hessel helped us understand the potential as well as the risks that might come from developments in this field.

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Navigating the transition

Energy economist and historian, Peter Tertzakian summarises his thoughts on investing in energy today. The outlook is undoubtedly uncertain but sharing lessons from history and appreciation of the risks, Peter shared his optimism around the change to come, and the investment opportunities.

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Research Conference Synopsis

At our Research Conference we considered some of the most important trends, threats and opportunities that companies, and investors, around the world will face over the decades to come. This synopsis of edited transcripts and summaries distills those sessions.

Thriving in Disruptive Times

Professor Adam Tooze, a highly regarded academic, commentator and author on both sides of the Atlantic shares his thoughts on the challenges we face today, their significance when judged over history, and where there might be grounds for optimism.

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From the Moonshot Factory to Happiness

Tech philosopher, Mo Gawdat uses his many years in Silicon Valley, including time as Chief Business Officer at the then nascent Google X, to inform his work making the case for technology as something that can enhance our lives. He doesn’t deny the challenges and threats but espouses a view that technology can be a force for good.

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Technologies Shaping the Modern World

As long-term investors, the technologies that will change all our lives, in some instances profoundly, over the coming decades must be incorporated into our investment thinking today. Dr Hannah Fry sat down with us to answer a few of our questions.

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Learning From Yesterday

Professor Paul Marsh has been a constant at Walter Scott’s Research Conferences. Once again, he made a compelling case for long-term equity investment and for careful stock selection, a case based on analysis of global equity market returns from 1900 to the present day.

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Former Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi joined us at our recent Research Conference in Edinburgh to share his thoughts on the outlook for Europe. Stressing the need for long-term thinking, he shared reasons for optimism, a view perhaps best summarised in his words, “I am more worried about natural stupidity than artificial intelligence”.

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